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Opportunities for Working in Eastern Ontario Keep Getting Better

We've written about 5 reasons why you'll want to work in eastern Ontario, and we've thought of 3 more you’ll want to know about. Above and beyond the 5 great reasons, eastern Ontario offers you a great quality of life, access to amazing education and many diverse opportunities to grow your career.

3 More Reasons You’ll Love Working in Eastern Ontario

1. Better Quality of Life

image1-9Eastern Ontario offers you lots of outdoor spaces where you can enjoy your time off with your family and friends. Places like Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve, Frontenac Provincial Park, Murphys Point Provincial Park, and the 1000 Islands offer hiking and running trails, camping, mountain biking trails, ice fishing, canopy tours in the fall, and much more.

There are also lots of cool festivals that go on throughout the year. The Big River Festival in Brockville includes a week-long water and cultural event at the waterfront, with water jousting and the Tall Ships Festival. The Picton Art & Craft Sale in Picton is a huge sale of crafts, stained glass, paintings, clothing, hats and wood products.

2. Access to Amazing Education

There are many top-quality educational opportunities in eastern Ontario, including universities and colleges that will help you continue your education and upskill into a new career.

Trent University, Queen’s University and the University of Ottawa offer diverse programs for continuing education. They offer programs in computer science, computing systems, engineering and applied science, mathematical physics, and mathematics, among many others. 

There are also many colleges that can help you upskill into a new career, including Loyalist College, Fleming College and Algonquin College. They offer programs in automation and robotics, computer systems technician, electrical inspection, food service worker, manufacturing engineering technician, welding techniques, and welding and fabrication technician, and much more.

3. Diverse Opportunities

There are more jobs available in eastern Ontario than in Toronto, but let's talk about what those opportunities are.

Highlighted in the MW Blog category called Manufacturing Job Profiles there are many exciting manufacturing trends for careers at every skill level and interest.

These include opportunities in 

  • Information technology: A sector that is actively hiring and includes computer programmers and systems analysts. The average salary for each is about $75,000 a year. These are excellent jobs for people who are detail-oriented, enjoy problem solving and can translate between computer programs and users. 
  • Welding: An excellent job for people who have a clear understanding of math, engineering and metallurgy. Welding is also a craft, and welders enjoy working with their hands. The average salary is around $52,000 a year.
  • Engineering: A career that includes chemical and industrial engineering professionals. Chemical engineers design, develop and oversee chemical processes and work in the research lab of manufacturing plants. Industrial engineers are experts in optimizing how a plant runs. Their average salaries are from $42,000 a year to $112,000.

Working in eastern Ontario has so much to offer. Why not continue your career where you can play and work in a vibrant community just waiting for you and your family.

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