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How to Overcome Commute Problems for Talent Attraction

Employee commute problems affect all businesses whether you’re located within a transit-served area or off the beaten path. Problems like commuter congestion, lack of service and now COVID-19 safety concerns can wreak havoc on your production and your employees’ ability to make it to work on time or at all.

Lack of transportation is inconvenient and it limits access to good, skilled workers. It can be costly too. When you have to locate your business near existing public transit, chances are you’re paying more for space. How much could you save in overhead if you could locate just a little further out?

According to Robert Half & Metrolinx, 23% of people that quit their jobs do so because of their commute and 75% of people say commuting directly affects their overall job satisfaction.

Getting to Work On Time Helps Talent Attraction

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Want to attract and retain talent? Look at one of the biggest barriers to employees looking for work: transportation. Limiting and even eliminating this barrier to getting to work can have a huge impact on your ability to attract and retain talent. Reliable transportation to work can improve the success of the community you operate within too. People unable to drive or who simply don’t own a vehicle are at the mercy of public transit, taxis and other transportation services provided by their municipalities, which can add stressful scheduling obstacles to their lives. By working with your community and other business owners you can provide one basic need to your skilled workforce: safe transportation.

Here’s how one enterprise is trying to fill transportation gaps and help employers get their people to work safely in the midst of a pandemic. 

This is one of the resources we've found. Check it out and see if it works for you.

How Hop In Works With Employers and Workers to Offer Better Transit

Hop In is a company that helps employers transport their workers on a schedule that fits their work shifts. While Hop In is based in the GTA, it’s already working in Northumberland County in eastern Ontario.

Here’s How Hop In Works:

In their words, they “pick up where transit drops off” so that employers can get staff to their site safely and faster, and expand their workforce net. By taking stock of existing transportation options, Hop In fills the gaps that make getting all the way to work a challenge. They work with private bus lines and shuttle services to get good pricing and consistent service for your business needs. Hop In staff are always monitoring user input to keep the service evolving, making it better for the businesses it serves and the people it’s moving.

Millennials and younger workers looking to enter the workforce look for these kinds of perks from an employer. Plus, companies can access less expensive industrial property further away from urban centres without worrying about transportation for employees.

You can get a quote for your own company plus work with other businesses in your area to cost-share so more employers and workers are served.

3 Features of the Hop In Program to Help With Talent Attraction:

  1. Hop In follows Ontario Health and Safety procedures so your workers know they are safe travelling to work;
  2. Hop In is secure so non-employees aren’t using your services unchecked; and
  3. Hop In follows COVID safety measures so your workers feel protected as they continue to work during the pandemic.

The software is easy to use for employers and commuters so you’re always easily connected with Hop In support.

Commute Problems Solved? Get More Ways to Strengthen Your Workforce

You have the power to create workforce resources that meet your business needs. Even better, you can make your employees happy to come to work every day. Find out how you can upskill incumbent workers and even find skilled new hires who’ve trained in eastern Ontario. Download the infographic here.

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