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Attract Loyal Workers With Career Advancement Opportunities

Employers who provide their staff with career advancement opportunities can greatly improve the loyalty and productivity of incumbent workers, plus attract new talent. However, it is difficult for employers to know what their employees need in terms of training and career motivation.  That's why communication between supervisors and workers is so important to a happy workplace. 

Tell and show your employees their skills are an asset now and will be valued in the future. Removing uncertainties and offering stability within your organization can boost your employees’

  1. Motivation to work,
  2. Efforts to meet productivity goals, and  
  3. Willingness to invest time in career advancement opportunities. 

Happy staff work better and are more motivated to do well for you. Creating a fulfilling workplace for your staff can mean the difference between

  • Struggling to find workers to get your work done because the environment is not motivating and,
  • The freedom to choose a pool of great candidates because everyone wants to work for you.

One way to create this confident and inclusive environment is to make career advancement opportunities for your staff a priority.

How to Guide Your Staff Through Career Advancement Opportunities

Offering a safe workplace and a work-life balance encourages employees to stay with your company. The freedom to try new roles within the organization, whether it’s moving to a different department or further up the ladder, are career advancement opportunities that motivate your employees. Training initiatives also help employers cultivate an experienced staff. 

You can get started helping your employees meet their goals by simply talking to them. Ask them where they want to go in their career. Find out if they're happy where they are. Get a clear idea of what their skill sets are and if they need more training. 

Here’s how to help your employees with their career advancement opportunities:

Start with feedback.

Using a method such as the 360 performance review helps you get a well-rounded view of employee performance, skill sets and skill gaps. A 360 performance review includes feedback not only from direct supervisors but also fellow employees, peers and managers, customers and others who interact with the employee. It’s a comprehensive process that makes you aware of how the employee’s work affects the organization as a whole. Ultimately, it’ll give you a better understanding of how to lead their career training opportunities.

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Then, talk about career options. 

Employees benefit from knowing how they fit in, and could fit in, to the future of the corporate structure. Make sure your organizational chart is up to date and visible to staff. Showing a clear path of career options within the organization helps lead staff to the job they want and identify the training they’ll need to get there.

Finally, give your employees choices.

Make training opportunities available and make sure your staff know they exist. Offer the time to upskill and provide the training too. Eastern Ontario provides free training to job seekers and employers to make accessing training low cost and easy to facilitate. Training organizations include:

  • Elevate Plus - Manufacturing 
  • SkillsAdvance Ontario - Aviation
  • Eastern Ontario College Consortium - Steel, Aluminum and Metal Fabrication 

Bottom line: Career advancement opportunities benefit employees and employers. Communicating what you need as an employer and hearing what your staff need to excel can be the start of a more productive and healthier workplace.

Are you an eastern Ontario employer who wants to boost staff performance and morale through training? You’re in luck, there's help right here!  Download this Employer Training Guide 

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