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3 Ways to Welcome New Canadians to Your Business

New Canadians are an important talent source for manufacturers, but they're dealing with a lot: moving to a new place, acclimatizing to a new culture and its customs, unfamiliar weather, and maybe learning a second or third language as well. Here are 3 ways your manufacturing company can welcome new Canadians.

Idea #1: Welcome New Canadians with Sports

Instead of a company softball tournament, organize a sports event that your new employees might be more familiar with.

  • Soccer is considered the world’s most popular sport, so likely many of your new employees will know it. Soccer originated in England in 1863, but other similar forms were played in the Far East, Japan and Greece.
  • Cricket is played all over the world with 104 countries participating in the International Cricket Council every year. Why not start a cricket team to help your new Canadian employees feel more at home and teach your workers something new?
  • Touch rugby originated in Australia in the 1960s and is now played widely around the world. Because it’s not too physical, everyone can play, bringing together all your employees, men and women alike.
  • Badminton’s roots can be traced to India, Ancient Greece and China, and the official form of the game was first played in 1873 in England. The light rackets and birdies make it ideal for any player, no matter their skill level, encouraging teamwork and participation.
  • Field hockey is the second largest team sport played throughout the world (after soccer). It’s an easy game to learn, and it doesn’t need much equipment, so it’s ideal for new Canadians to play with coworkers.

Idea #2: Welcome New Canadians with Festivals

You can promote cultural festivals in the eastern Ontario area to help new Canadians feel more a part of the community.

Belleville Waterfront & Multicultural Fest is in July and is a free four-day event by the waterfront. The fun includes a midway, ethnic foods, concerts, and much more.

Big River Festival in Brockville is in late August and lasts for a week just before school begins. There are 20 events, including a professional bass fishing tournament, an Octopus Garden underwater musical, and a luau party on Refugee Island. All these events lead up to the Tall Ships Festival.

Prince Edward County Lavender Festival lasts for four days in July. There’s live music, petting zoos, face painting, delicious food and tours of the lavender fields. Visitors can learn about essential oil making as well.

Festival Franco is in mid-June and takes place at Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa. Artists and musicians collaborate to put on incredible shows with original performances every night.

Idea #3: Mentor New Canadians

nullYou can promote mentorship in your business by connecting retirees with your new Canadian employees. Your retirees can share their knowledge of your business and the community where they live, helping new Canadian workers feel more connected to people who have worked and lived in eastern Ontario for years.

Mentors can also provide lots of information on your manufacturing jobs, specific positions, and how new Canadians can grow into their positions. As a supportive resource, mentors can help new Canadian employees settle into their jobs and the community quickly, aiding employee satisfaction and retention.

Continue to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing industry needs talent. The new Canadians you encourage and support are an essential part of that workforce.

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