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How to Optimize Recruitment and Retention in Manufacturing

You already know that your business’s most important asset is its workforce. You’ve put great effort into hiring, creating competitive pay packages, and ensuring a safe manufacturing plant. But how can you go one step further in order to really max out your recruitment and retention potential? It starts with highlighting your company’s strengths, and taking the pulse of how your employees feel.

Market Your Company Culture to Increase Recruitment and Retention

Today’s job seekers are savvy, and want to know as much as they can about a potential employer before applying to a position. It’s important to make sure that your company is showing up online, and highlighting its strengths and personality. There are reasons why your current employees have been with you for so long, and love their jobs. Tap into that culture and share it.

You can expand your presence online by moving beyond your information-only website into blogging and social media. Start creating content about what you do, who your employees are, and why people love to come to work every day. Potential employees want to work somewhere that is inclusive, positive, friendly, and supportive; so let them know about your culture up front.

Tapping Into Your Workforce to Optimize Retention

Optimizing retention starts by asking what your current employees need from you. It could be more flexible hours, additional time off, newer equipment, or more direction. Conduct an informal survey or make yourself available for a few discussions in order to take the pulse of your workforce, and find out how you can make them even happier.

According to Forbes, 66% of employees say they would quit if they felt unappreciated. It’s important to take time to recognize employees; not just the top performers, but also the employee who corrects an issue, or learns from their mistakes. These will be the top performers of the future, if nurtured and retained.


Invest in Training to Maximize Recruitment and Retention

Better training for new recruits ensures preparation for the job. It also means that details will not get missed; missed details often turn into larger problems down the line. Adequate training reduces accidents, mistakes, and helps employees to feel more confident in their positions. Putting the proper training programs in place improves both recruitment and retention, because current employees will feel valued and supported in doing their best work, and new employees will be less anxious or uncertain of their new work environment.

The OEEDC (Ontario East Economic Development Commission) is making sure that youth and job seekers know all about the career paths in manufacturing. It’s also supporting and amplifying messages about training to help potential employees, and has partnered with initiatives in the area that already offer manufacturing training. Edge Factor, for instance, has created educational tools for teachers, students, and businesses around STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects. The program is currently being used in schools in the Peterborough area. In addition, Elevate PLUS operates on the Loyalist College campus in Belleville to provide an accelerated six-week course for those who wish to work in manufacturing or food production plants.

Preparing and Supporting Employees in Manufacturing

To optimize recruitment and retention, it’s important to highlight your company’s strengths through an increased online presence, and identify any weaknesses by communicating with your current workforce. Ensuring employees feel supported, appreciated, and well-trained is the key to retention. With the efforts of OEEDC and your own internal manufacturing training initiatives, workers will be prepared for a long, rewarding career in manufacturing.

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