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How to Reduce High Employee Turnover: Start With the Hidden Workforce

As an employer you may find yourself in a near constant cycle of hiring. It’s a carousel that’s difficult to get off of because high employee turnover seems to necessitate it. Workforce development professionals have been studying the labour force participation rate in eastern Ontario to try to solve this exact problem. If you want to learn more about how to reduce high employee turnover and improve recruitment and retention in eastern Ontario, read on.  

Look to the Hidden Workforce for How to Reduce High Employee Turnover

The hidden workforce is a group of people within the region who are not in the labour force. There could be as many as 31,250 people who are not in the labour force in eastern Ontario right now. Factors like poverty, age, and gender contribute to the decline in the labour force participation rate. 

The result of not reaching this workforce with current recruitment efforts in eastern Ontario? Employers hire from each other’s labour pools so it seems like there are never enough available employees and increasing employee turnover within those organizations.

And the hidden workforce remains untapped.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to reach residents not currently in the workforce and keep them on your payroll to reduce high employee turnover.

Don’t Assume Retirees Aren’t Working

We often assume that older residents are retired and living off their pensions. But the truth is, a lot of senior Ontarians are struggling with budgets, they need to work, and they’re experienced and capable. 

Flexibility makes room for more seniors on your payroll who are currently unemployed but looking to rejoin the workforce. Consider offering positions for 3 day a week shifts for retirees or older people looking to re-enter the workforce part-time. 

Do Make Accommodations for Parents

Get parents, especially mothers, back into the workforce by finding space for accommodations in your workplace. Adopting certain innovations like putting daycares on site can attract and retain more parents who previously may have been hindered in the workforce. This innovation has the added benefit of continuing to grow the economy by creating more childcare positions.

While seniors or parents may make up a small percentage of the hidden workforce, continued innovations within your workplace will help you recruit and retain more people within the region. 

How to Reduce High Employee Turnover: Skills Training

Skills training remains one of the best ways to show your investment in your workforce. Take a look at this list of skills training programs you can use to attract and retain employees in eastern Ontario. 

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