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Free Recruitment Help for Eastern Ontario Employers

Do you know eastern Ontario employers finding it hard to recruit talent right now? The Eastern Ontario Workforce Development Project (EOWD) has re-launched, and as a result of their strategic plan, have purchased a 1 year subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter.
 Now eastern Ontario employers in the target sectors of Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Technology and Infrastructure & Construction can have jobs posted to help them find talent, for free, because of the EOWD.
Last year, in a pilot project, this effort helped Hannafin Automation (Belleville) find an employee with HMI skills. At the time, the LinkedIn data showed that the HMI skill set was not being taught in Ontario post-secondary schools and was hard to find. 

More information on Target Sectors 

1. Advanced Manufacturing, including:
  • Aviation & Nuclear
  • Medical Devices & Health Sciences
  • CleanTech & Green Technologies
  • Food & Beverage & Agricultural Supply Chain
  • Automotive Supply Chain

2. Digital Technology, including:
  • Innovation & Emerging Technology
  • Tourism Innovation

3. Infrastructure & Construction, including: 
  • Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing
  • Telecommunications & Bandwidth Infrastructure

Plus, Access a Talent Bank for Canadians Willing To Relocate:

The EOWD has also also built up a bank for manufacturing talent willing to relocate to eastern Ontario. That means the EOWD can help employers identify talent from high unemployment areas in Canada to our region where there is job demand.
Employers may also have a chance to see pipeline and compensation comparisons through the EOWD's data.
If you know an eastern Ontario target sector employer who needs to recruit now: have them email workforcedevelopment@ontarioeast.ca
Look at this feedback from Hannafin Automation's Director below. Spoiler Alert for good news: The person was successfully placed into the role! 

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