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How to Attract Employees When You’ve Got Lots of Competition

Times are changing and with that so have recruitment priorities for businesses in eastern Ontario. You might feel that you are well versed in how to attract employees, but consider how technology, automation and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things. 

Worker shortages mean training is essential, and we knew that before the pandemic. So now, not only are you grappling with finding well-trained staff, but it seems there’s not even enough people in the workforce to offer training to. So what can employers do to find and keep staff?

Well, the short answer is that local businesses need to shift focus toward understanding and providing the incentives and workplace environments that will make it easier to recruit and retain employees in eastern Ontario.

If you're wondering how to attract employees, luckily the first step is already done for you because the eastern Ontario region is a great place to live and work. Promoting eastern Ontario to job seekers is easy when you've got a region as rich in jobs, opportunities, education and diversity as EO. Let’s look at what else job seekers are considering when they’re applying for work.

How to Attract Employees by Giving Them What They Want

It’s about much more than pay now when attracting new employees (though good pay is still a great motivator, along with signing bonuses and increased vacation time, too.) 

Employers are up against tough competition for labour in the new world of work. 

A survey of nearly 45,000 employers across 43 countries showed 69% of employers reported difficulty filling roles, a 15-year high.

-ManpowerGroup Inc. 

Yet, it’s possible to come out on top if you know what job seekers need and want from work.

Here Are 3 Areas Employers Can Focus on to Attract New Employees

Not every workplace can offer all the types of perks and conditions job seekers are looking for. Office environments differ from manufacturing workplaces. Each still needs to accomplish work that must be done traditionally. For example, manufacturing employees usually need to work on-site, whereas office-based companies can be more flexible with work-from-home routines. 

However, there are some on-the-job needs and wants that can be universally met regardless of the workplace.

  1. Comprehensive benefit packages that include mental health: Traditional employee benefits packages cover health needs such as optometry and dentistry. Now, more readily available mental health treatments can be included in the benefits. Packages that include counselling and stress-reducing treatments such as massage therapy promote well-rounded and healthy, happy employees. This is a big boost for your recruitment and retention efforts and employee success.
  2. Safe workplaces: Safe workplaces are more than having a health and safety committee, though you do need safe work conditions and proper direction and equipment to stay safe during a pandemic. However, safe workplaces mean not just physical safety but psychological safety, too. Making sure your staff are protected from burnout and constant high-stress environments is an attractive incentive. 
  3. Opportunities for advancement: Not enough can be said about the motivation of opportunity in the workplace. By providing staff with training to ensure they do well from their first day, followed by guidance with career challenges and promotion offers through to their last day, you can attract good workers and promote long-term loyalty through rewarding careers.

Even more so, job seekers are looking for employers who operate with awareness  — who strive to understand the challenges that face workers in all areas of their lives from providing accessible spaces for those working with disabilities to operating respectful workplaces that prioritize inclusivity and equality.

What Employers Can Do Now to Attract Employees

Look at your workplace to see where you do and can meet job seeker expectations. Take all the great qualities of your workplace and continue to promote those actions. Then address any shortcomings based on what you’ve read here and by doing more recruitment and retention research. Implement new policies, benefits and incentives as needed to make your business a place where job seekers want to work. It’s all possible.

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