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Employers: Quickly & Easily Map Skill Sets With Workforce Tools

If you don’t have the time or staff to read through hundreds of resumes during the hiring process, LinkedIn’s Talent Insights, Jobs and Recruitment tools can help. These workforce tools allow employers to quickly and easily refine long lists of applicants to find the best-fit candidates.

The LinkedIn Recruiter tool provides you with the ability to post jobs, head hunt for specific skill sets and track job seekers who want to relocate to the region (most are in Canada already).

5 Ways to Streamline Your Workforce Development

Here are five ways the LinkedIn Recruiter workforce tools can streamline workforce development for you when you are seeking new talent.

  1. Use filters to sift through long lists of applicants for best-fit candidates.

  2. Map where relevant skill sets exist worldwide.

  3. See which schools are graduating relevant talent.

  4. Search both active and passive job seekers.

  5. Find job seekers who have previously lived or learned in eastern Ontario.

See Skill Sets on an Actual Map

The LinkedIn workforce tools provide talent insights on a literal map of the world. You can see where talent is coming from and going to, and what that talent knows and doesn’t know.

For example, eastern Ontario manufacturer Hannafin Automation and Industrial Controls used the LinkedIn workforce tools to speed up the job search process when they had an urgent vacancy to fill. Hannafin needed a candidate with HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming skills.

"We had over 100 applicants with the skill sets we needed within the first week of posting the job on LinkedIn. This was a role we have struggled to fill in the past,” said Adam Hannafin, Director at Hannafin Automation and Industrial Controls, Inc. “Because of the LinkedIn pilot program and the partnership between EOMWDP (Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project), Tangible Words and my HR team, we worked to reduce the list to 30 best-fit applicants right away; and I decided to interview the top 3. We are presently preparing to make one of them an offer."

Quality Candidates for Eastern Ontario EmployersUsing LinkedIn’s workforce development talent insights tools, Hannafin Automation and Industrial Controls discovered that no schools in the region were producing talent pools with those skills. One year later there are two schools in eastern Ontario producing those skills. 

One of those programs is Elevate Plus at Loyalist College. Participants enter the program seeking to improve their employment skills. One participant notes how surprised she was to see that the skills she learned at Elevate Plus applied to every area of her life. She credits the program and the supportive staff for the increased knowledge and confidence that have prepared her to successfully enter the workforce.

Quality Candidates for Eastern Ontario Employers

This is just one example of many qualified candidates looking for jobs from eastern Ontario employers. With LinkedIn’s workforce tools, you can easily connect with these skilled, dedicated candidates to improve workforce development.

Best of all, eastern Ontario employers can offer potential hires a superior quality of life as an added incentive to stay in or relocate to the region.

For more on the quality of life in eastern Ontario, download the infographic.
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