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Employers: Here’s How to Attract Talent Using Social Media

I’m sure your business is all set up on social channels. You’re connecting with your customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But have you thought about how you could use social media to attract talent, in addition to using it simply to engage with customers?

If you’re an employer with positions to fill, read on. You’ll find some tips on how to reach ideal candidates using resources you already have and maybe some you don't.

How to Attract Talent Using Social Media

People who follow your business on social media are not only interested in your product; some of them will want to work for you, too. It’s a good idea for job seekers to follow the social channels of potential employers. Following provides job seekers with real-time research that helps them know more about your business and how they’d fit in. 

As an employer, use some of your posts to not only advertise job openings, but to also give potential employees a look at what it’s like to work for you. Your culture and work environment are important, especially when you’re trying to attract younger workers who are looking for fair-minded employers and a work/life balance. A simple post can reach thousands of potential employees with no big advertising cost.

Here’s 3 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Attract Employees:

  1. An actual job posting works. Ok, obviously. Let people know when, where and why you’re hiring. But remember to drum up excitement about joining a company that’s thriving, especially in the COVID-19 era.
  2. Post your employees enjoying their work. Not birthday parties and social events (though these are good too). Post volunteer activities and show how your employees can contribute to causes they’re passionate about with the support of the company.
  3. Highlight your human resources. We don’t mean the HR department. Connect with potential employees through a short video of you chatting with your current employees about successes and plans for future success.

You can still use your website and blog to get your job listings out there, too. Along with your careers page, you can add anecdotal content to showcase your workplace. Here’s more tips on how to attract talent using your existing online presence:

  • Highlight different roles in your company, from administration to technical and skilled labour, and,
  • Offer stories of existing staff to attract new workers.

Don’t just add a job posting to your careers page, use the page to showcase the benefits of working for you. 

How to Attract Talent Using LinkedIn Recruiter

In eastern Ontario, employers can get help to recruit. LinkedIn Recruiter is a business tool connected to your LinkedIn account, making it especially effective to help you find skilled employees looking for work. With LinkedIn Recruiter, you’re not limited to your connections alone; you can reach 690 million LinkedIn members with your job posting. 

Thankfully there’s search filters, recommendations and even a ‘find more people like’ feature. Using ‘find more people like,’ you can identify a person in your network who is an ideal candidate, then find others with qualifications and attributes similar to the person you’re connected to.

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Here’s 3 More Ways LinkedIn Recruiter Helps Attract Talent: 

  1. You can contact potential hires safely using the LinkedIn InMail application. Customize your email templates and use this trusted messaging environment so no personal contact information is exchanged or expected. 
  2. You can build your own talent pool. Find and manage candidate information for hiring now or for jobs you know are coming up. You can share this information within your connections - like human resources - so everyone on your team knows who your ideal candidates are and that they are available for the work you have.
  3. Your company followers can become potential new hires. It bears repeating: Social media followers are also people who might want to work for you. And LinkedIn says that your followers are “...95% more likely to accept an InMail message from you and 81% more likely to respond.” LinkedIn also points out: 

58% of the people who follow your Company Page on LinkedIn want to work for you (the rest are current employees, alumni, and others, including some who simply love your products or services). 

If you don’t use social media now, attracting new talent is one more reason to get started.

There’s other resources available for employers in eastern Ontario. Find out what training is available to your incumbent employees. Plus find out what potential hires are getting trained in and how your business can benefit from upskilling and reskilling in eastern Ontario. Download the Employers Ebook here.

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