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Recruiting Tips in a Tight Market: Be Number 1

A short talent supply means you have to exert more effort to recruit good, qualified staff. Here are some recruiting tips: a good hire should not be based on luck. Know what you want and what you have to offer (this is huge because workers expect quality from the employers so they can give quality in return).

Find out what means the most to job seekers. Are they looking for more money, good benefits, positive culture or opportunities for growth? Figure it out, then if you offer it, boast the heck out of it. Word of mouth from your network and satisfied existing employees can net you great candidates without you even going looking.

If you’re looking for young talent, work with your universities and colleges to gain access to new grads. Most are looking for employment upon graduation, so make sure you're seen often and early. Incentives work too. Use a platform like TalentEgg.ca to promote your jobs to new graduates across the country.

Recruiting Tips: New Ways to Attract Employees to Your Workplace

There’s been worker shortages before, and businesses have adapted. Here are some ways you can modify your recruiting tactics to improve your chances of snagging good workers. Hint: it has more to do with the quality of your company and work-life balance than money. 

  1. Job seekers are in the enviable position of being picky. Workers want to see their values reflected in the workplace. Make sure you're talking about what it's like to work at your company. Use your social media channels to show who you are as an organization and to create positive connections. When workers know you before they start, you’ll eliminate costly 90-day turnovers.
  2. Workers have had enough of being overworked and “on” 7 days a week. You can offer them better. While connectedness does make work more streamlined, clearly defined off-work hours are essential for the work-life-balance seekers. 

Hint: Work-from-home options are a big plus now. 

Use these recruiting tips when you use traditional means to find employees, like online job-posting platforms. Websites like Magnet, Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter and the Canada Job Bank are good ways to cast a wide net to bring in the types of candidates you're looking to hire. Eastern Ontario has its own job-posting options like the Fleming Employment Hub and Eastern Ontario Jobs. So share what you have to offer where job seekers are going to see it. 

Recruitment is still going to be hit and miss sometimes. But when you’re working on recruitment and retention in eastern Ontario right now, making your workplace a dream job for workers will get you the staff you need to fill job gaps. Whatever your stance on governmental income support, you CAN attract good employees by offering a healthy workplace, fulfilling work and fair compensation. 

Use These Recruiting Tips to Keep Up With Recruitment and Retention in Eastern Ontario

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