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3 Ways to Attract Investment to Your Manufacturing Business

You’re probably feeling excited. It’s Manufacturing Month and that means that there’s a lot of activity around our industry. Interest in the manufacturing sector is concentrated in this one month, and for thirty-one days you can feel like the star of the show. But we all know this month has to come to an end, and when it does things will go back to normal. Getting new potential investors interested in the industry is harder without all the initiatives that are reserved for Manufacturing Month.

If there were a way to keep the momentum and excitement from Manufacturing Month going all year long, you’d like to know it. Here are some ideas we’ve thought up to help attract investment and guide investors into a state of manufacturing excitement all year long.

1. Attract Investment in the Next Generation of Manufacturing

image36According to a Fortune.com study, Millennials would take a $7600 pay cut from their yearly income if it meant working in a place that provided a better work environment for them. From this information we can infer that the average younger employee values the importance of a comfortable workplace over higher pay. What makes a more comfortable workplace for Millennials? Millennials care about:

  • Job security: Millennials lived through and watched parents struggle during the Great Recession. Working off large student debts increases the need for reliable employment. Demonstrate you can provide job security and Millennials will take notice.
  • Corporate responsibility: Millennials are 70% more likely to spend money on brands that support causes they care about. Millennials look for the same thing in their employers. Show that your company champions causes like diversity and environmental responsibility to capture the interest of young people, thereby proving to investors that you’ll be able to attract a new generation of workers.

2. Display the Greatness of Eastern Ontario

Continue the manufacturing party all year round by continuing what you do so well during Manufacturing Month: showing off the quality of life in your economic region. The cost of living in big city centres like Toronto is rising. The average cost of a detached home in Toronto is well over a million dollars.

Show potential employees that eastern Ontario is a less expensive place to live, with plenty of job opportunities and all of the same amenities they’re used to, and it will be easy for them to see why moving to or staying in eastern Ontario is an excellent choice. Convincing employees to relocate will help soothe investors’ concerns about future talent supplies in your region.

3. Reinforce the Truth: Eastern Ontario Is Built for Manufacturing

A good point to remind potential investors of is that eastern Ontario is already a manufacturing hub. So many resources exist to help manufacturers, and to help manufacturers connect with job seekers. Initiatives like the EOMWDP (Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project) help manufacturers in the region succeed, which contributes greatly to the success of the provincial and national economies, making investment in eastern Ontario’s manufacturing industry the safest of bets.

Learn More About the EOMWDP’s Mandate to Help Manufacturers Thrive

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