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3 Reasons Not to Write Off a Manufacturing Career

As you graduate, you might not be thinking of a manufacturing career as a place where you’ll thrive. You have a lot of choices confronting you: where to continue your education, should you continue your education, whether to live in residence or an off-campus apartment. You’re busy wondering what electives you should take and if there’s a way to schedule your classes so you don’t have to wake up too early, or maybe so you don’t spend your whole Wednesday at school.

You’re bombarded with choices at this point in your life, something you likely didn’t have to worry too much about only a few years ago. And in the middle of all this, didn’t your parents try to convince you away from manufacturing as a career choice the last time it was brought up? You’re interested, but with a warning like that, manufacturing might not make it to the top of your list for choice careers.

Then again, times are changing really fast. The old rules don’t always apply.

What You Get from a Manufacturing Career

Here are three reasons why you might want to think of Ontario manufacturing as the career path for you:

  1. Security

    A career in manufacturing offers you something that is in short supply for most millennials: financial and job security allows you the secure vantage point to make decisions about important life choice like post-secondary education, home buying, and travel that would be harder to make otherwise. A manufacturing job will help you make good money right after graduation, which will help you tackle student debt if you go to university or college, or support yourself while you travel overseas. And if you decide post-secondary and travel aren’t for you, you’ll already be started in a strong, lifelong career.

  2. Higher starting salaries

    If you start your career in manufacturing you know you can expect a higher starting wage than the minimum wage. How many other entry level positions right out of high school can boast that? Again, this kind of head start can help you make decisions about travel and college because you’ll have that secure starting point.

  3. Exciting, cutting-edge work

    If what comes to mind when you think of manufacturing is dimly lit factories with boring line jobs then you haven’t had a proper introduction to manufacturing in the 21st century. Factories are clean, exciting, and inclusive places to work. Because of the changing face of technology, you’ll always be looking for new and creative ways to get the job done better, challenging your skills and keeping you on your toes.

Manufacturing careers offer the stability to pursue your dreams.

Download this free infographic for to learn more about how to pursue a career in manufacturing.

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