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These Technical Textile Manufacturers Are Looking into the Future

Here’s an industry that may not come to mind when you think of the manufacturing sector: technical textile manufacturers. Technical textiles are used in all sorts of places beyond where you would normally think of textiles being used. Industries like construction, transportation, sports, and agriculture all use technical textiles.

As opposed to what we usually think of as textiles, technical textiles are manufactured for their performance qualities rather than their aesthetic ones. At first you may not think you’ve encountered a technical textile before, but they are all around us. One in particular you may run into fairly often: the conveyor belt. It’s true, a conveyor belt is a technical textile. But technical textiles are also used in electronics and insulation, and for a host of other uses.

The textile industry is among Canada’s largest manufacturing employers. Over 60,000 people are employed in the nation’s textile jobs. In fact, Canada’s first textile factory was located very near to eastern Ontario just outside of modern-day Montreal. In Almonte, Ontario, there’s an entire textile museum dedicated to Canada’s old textile sector, proving eastern Ontario’s strong connection to the industry.

So, while technical textile’s close relative is one of modern Canada’s oldest industries, the Canadian technical textile industry could see some of the most exciting future technologies. Some members of the industry are trying to move towards developing the future of the industry in order to make it more competitive. MW Canada Ltd. is working with universities to develop textile nanotechnology that would, among other things, create a cross between solar panels and window blinds: a technology that would allow you to power most of your household appliances with your window blinds alone!

Get This Job with Eastern Ontario’s Technical Textile Manufacturers

There are many jobs you can get in the technical textile industry, but here’s one you may be interested in.

Knitting Technician:

A knitting technician, possibly working in warp or weft knitting factories, sets up knitting processes for machines to manufacture, and usually works with digital technology to help develop patterns. The knitting technician ensures the quality of the finished textile and oversees the whole knitting process.

Work with Manufacturers Like CpK Interior Products

image7CpK Interior Products is a technical textile manufacturer that makes the textiles for car interiors. That’s right, a place that makes the fabrics for automobiles you may have ridden in is right in our backyard. CpK has two locations in eastern Ontario: one in Port Hope and one in Belleville.

Working for a technical textile manufacturer like CpK allows you to settle down in the eastern Ontario region - which has a much lower cost of living than larger urban centres - and gain experience in jobs that are on the cutting edge of technology. With an exciting frontier of new possibilities and a career that looks forward, you can earn enough to start a family, or save for the future.

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