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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Cybersecurity

As our lives become more tied to our online experiences and transactions, so grows the need for our businesses to be secured against cyber attacks.
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5 Manufacturing Sectors Thriving in Eastern Ontario

Manufacturing sectors in eastern Ontario are varied and vibrant.
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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Robotics

When people think of robotics, they tend to think of pop culture (think C-3PO or the Terminator), probably because many people have never encountered a robot in real life.
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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a huge current manufacturing trend.
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The Top Trends in Manufacturing for 2019

A lot has gone on in the manufacturing world this year.
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3 Trends Transforming the Impact of Technology on Manufacturing

At the end of the year, we highlight up-and-coming trends in manufacturing.
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Small Cities Rejoice: The True Cost of Big-City Living

Small cities are quickly becoming the place to be. With real estate prices rising to exorbitant rates in large cities and prohibiting a reasonable cost of living for many people, residents are being driven out of big cities and moving to smaller ones.
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Sustainable Manufacturing Is a Trend for the Future

You may think of manufacturing as a not-very-environmentally friendly industry, but there are many ways manufacturing is going green.
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What Is Advanced Manufacturing?

The term “advanced manufacturing” gets thrown around a lot, but it isn’t an easily defined term. Manufacturing, for instance, is the production of products in large quantities. Raw materials are converted into finished products that can then be sold. Manufactured products could be anything from canned soda and frozen pizza to car parts and electronics.
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It's True! A Manufacturing Video Game Exists

There are many ways to increase the profile of eastern Ontario manufacturing. But when it comes to keeping the interest of young people, some employers feel at a loss for how to communicate their passion to the next generation of would-be makers and tinkerers. That’s why it’s useful to look for different methods to express the passion, creativity, and, yes, fun that’s part of the manufacturing world. Let’s explore a cultural phenomenon you might not associate with manufacturing trends: gaming!
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