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Are You Prepared for Manufacturing Month?

We've talked before about Manufacturing Day before, but Manufacturing Month is coming in October. Here are some great ways you can embrace the spirit of the month and promote manufacturing trends and the jobs they create in eastern Ontario.
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Manufacturing Trends: What is Lean Manufacturing?

If you haven’t grown up in it, the manufacturing industry can seem like a different world. Every industry has its own jargon, its own language and short-forms, and manufacturing is no exception.
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Have You Considered Working in Cannabis? Check Out Canntech Services

With the fall of cannabis prohibition in Canada in October 2018, recreational weed has hit the market in a huge way, and it’s become a way for Canadian manufacturing companies to get a big leg up on international competition.
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Do You Know These Basic Manufacturing Terms?

If you haven’t worked in the manufacturing industry before, some terms may be confusing. Every industry uses its own jargon and unique way of communicating, and manufacturing does as well. 
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How to Modernize Employment and Skills in Manufacturing

Canada’s economy is doing very well. There has been plenty of job creation in past years and the GTA is in particularly fine form. Ontario’s unemployment rate has been hovering just below 6%, and skilled immigrants are coming from all parts of the globe to take part in Ontario’s workforce.
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Play the Game of Life in Eastern Ontario… and Win

Dear reader, I have a question for you. What is life?
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Manufacturing Trends That You Need to Know

The manufacturing industry is entrenched in eastern Ontario, but is rapidly changing and improving in response to many external factors. To continue to thrive, manufacturing needs to stay on top of key trends.
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You Don’t Have to Leave Your Post Secondary Community After Graduation

After graduating from college or university, your first thought is likely to move back home while you figure out where you’re going to work. It’s cheaper to live at home with your family in the short term, and you’re familiar
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Optimize Your Hiring Process with Magnet

Knowing where to post your job opportunities online can be a daunting task, with many options available, all requiring different formats. To simplify the hiring process and optimize your chances of finding the best
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Worried About Labour Retention for Ontario Manufacturing?

As Baby Boomers increasingly leave the workforce over the next decade for retirement, the next generation of workers will need to take their place. In past blog posts, we’ve discussed many methods of attracting Millennial workers to manufacturing. But that’s only half the puzzle.
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