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Have You Heard About This Eastern Ontario Job Bank?

We’ve just got wind of this incredible new eastern Ontario job bank. It’s called P&G “Career Match” and this job bank matches employers with workers who will thrive in their company. It’s also designed to help in cases of labour shortage, where job seekers can afford to be a bit pickier about the jobs they want.
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Life in Eastern Ontario Is Supported by Modern Manufacturing

According to “A Different Ontario”, the income and employment report by the Mowat Centre, the 2008-2015 recession had a deep impact on Ontario. But its effects were felt differently by Ontarians from different backgrounds and in different regions of the province.
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The Solution to the High Cost of Living

The 2008 recession had profound effects on Ontario and in some cases we are still feeling those effects. The household median income growth in Ontario from 2005 to 2015 was the slowest in all of Canada, according to Mowat Centre’s A Different Ontario report on the 2016 census.
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5 Reasons Why You'll Want to Work in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario is a great place to work and live. You’ll find great jobs, affordable housing, natural scenery, and friendly communities. It’s a great place to play outside (on land or water), join a sports team, catch a live show, or find a new hobby.
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Discover One of the Best Job Search Tools

Getting information about jobs that are available now is great, but what if you could also access archived Ontario job-ad information from the previous twelve months? You’d have access to all that information - from advertised salaries to required skill sets - making you way more informed before you even start your job search. 
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Free Training for Job Seekers in Eastern Ontario

The Elevate Plus Training Program provides free six-week training for jobs in the eastern Ontario manufacturing sector, specifically within Bay of Quinte. The project was created by employers and educators to deliver exactly the skills required to be successful in a career within the industry.
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The Hidden Value of Manufacturing Jobs for Millennials

When employees feel that they have achieved a work-life balance, their stress levels stay low, which allows them to be more engaged and productive employees.
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