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No Degree Required: Skills Needed for Manufacturing

As technology continues to support the manufacturing sector, and advances in AI and automation are integrated into the workplace, the need for highly skilled workers is on the rise.
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The Middle Class Is the Norm in Eastern Ontario

News cycles every month highlight the rising cost of housing in major cities and lament the loss of the middle class.
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STUFF Magazine Promotes High-Tech Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing employs 65,000 people in the eastern Ontario region alone, helping to make it a prosperous sector for Ontario.
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Manufacturing Companies in Ontario Every Job Seeker Should Know

There are so many amazing manufacturing companies in Ontario.
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The Best of Eastern Ontario Manufacturing

The eastern Ontario region is home to an established manufacturing cluster and the industry continues to grow.
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Food Processing Is Big Business in the Eastern Ontario Region

Ontario’s food and beverage processing sector is the largest in Canada, making up 37% of the industry’s revenue in the country.
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Dvine Laboratories: Breaking New Ground in the Eastern Ontario Region

Dvine Laboratories is a developer of e-juice (the liquid used in e-cigarettes) based in Lindsay, Ontario. Dvine Laboratories’ headquarters takes up 30,000 square feet of office space and the company employs 34 people. Business is booming, but this successful, relatively new company says it will stay in Lindsay forever. 
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STEM Books for Kids Highlight Manufacturing Trends You Need to Know

We've profiled STEM books for kids before because they’re important for introducing your kids (and you) to the world of STEM and manufacturing trends.
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Maximum Signs in the Eastern Ontario Region

Ron Haslam has been making signs for pretty much all his working life. After leaving school at 15 and starting to work in the sign industry at 16, he found he had a natural talent for it.
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Opportunities for Working in Eastern Ontario Keep Getting Better

We've written about 5 reasons why you'll want to work in eastern Ontario, and we've thought of 3 more you’ll want to know about. Above and beyond the 5 great reasons, eastern Ontario offers you a great quality of life, access to amazing education and many diverse opportunities to grow your career.
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