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Free Recruitment Help for Eastern Ontario Employers

Do you know eastern Ontario employers finding it hard to recruit talent right now? The Eastern Ontario Workforce Development Project (EOWD) has re-launched, and as a result of their strategic plan, have purchased a 1 year subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter.
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6 Manufacturing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The story of manufacturing is more than a story about factory lines.
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Spotlight on 9 of Eastern Ontario Region’s Innovative Manufacturers

Manufacturing in eastern Ontario is rich with many successful and vibrant sectors, including food processing, signage, plastics, personal care products, acrylics, chemicals and electronics.
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Could the Region Benefit from an Ontario Immigration Strategy?

Regions outside the GTA are struggling to find skilled labour to fill their workforce needs.
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NEW Manufacturing Alliance Makes Manufacturing Accessible and Vibrant

The Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (EOMWDP) strives to inform and encourage upcoming generations to consider manufacturing as a career choice.
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No Degree Required: Skills Needed for Manufacturing

As technology continues to support the manufacturing sector, and advances in AI and automation are integrated into the workplace, the need for highly skilled workers is on the rise.
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The Middle Class Is the Norm in Eastern Ontario

News cycles every month highlight the rising cost of housing in major cities and lament the loss of the middle class.
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STUFF Magazine Promotes High-Tech Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing employs 65,000 people in the eastern Ontario region alone, helping to make it a prosperous sector for Ontario.
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Manufacturing Companies in Ontario Every Job Seeker Should Know

There are so many amazing manufacturing companies in Ontario.
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The Best of Eastern Ontario Manufacturing

The eastern Ontario region is home to an established manufacturing cluster and the industry continues to grow.
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