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What Is Petrochemical Manufacturing and Does It Exist in Ontario?

The manufacturing sector is an incredibly diverse world. So many industries are a part of it. For example, have you ever heard of petrochemical manufacturing? We have petrochemical manufacturers here in eastern Ontario, in our own backyard, yet not many people are aware of what they do. But, probably everyone has come into contact with a product derived from petrochemicals.
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The Importance of Telecommunications to the Manufacturing Sector

Telecommunications is the process of sending data, images, sounds or messages through wire, radio waves, optical systems or electromagnetic radiation. Examples include the telephone, radio broadcasting, the Internet, television and wireless communications (e.g. WiFi, LTE).
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October Is Manufacturing Month: Here’s How Ontario Is Celebrating

Manufacturing Month is a showcase of the innovative, high-tech businesses in Ontario that manufacture a variety of products. Not only are manufacturers fascinating hubs of production, but they are also the backbone of the Ontario economy. The manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario alone employs 65,000 people.
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Will You Be Attending This Manufacturing Conference?

The Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference is taking place on October 24, 2019 at the Cobourg Community Centre. The Northumberland Manufacturers’ Association have put together a day packed with information, demos and strategies to help local manufacturers prepare for the future.
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Manufacturing Supply Chains Make Eastern Ontario Great

You may not have realized this but, if you’ve been living anywhere in eastern Ontario, you’ve been living in a manufacturing hub. And this isn’t just the way it is now; eastern Ontario has been a manufacturing centre for quite some time. It’s amazing what can go on right under your nose if you’re not looking for it!
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Are You Up for a Manufacturing Industry Award?

In eastern Ontario, there are many organizations and associations that provide support services and hand out annual manufacturing industry awards. Putting your company into a position to win one of these awards is not just good for morale and publicity–it can help generate more sales.
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Lanthier Bakery Puts Eastern Ontario on the Map

Lanthier Bakery, located in Alexandria Ontario, was founded by Georges and Adrienne Lanthier in 1932. Back then, Lanthier was one of four bakeries in Alexandria that sold fresh bread and pastries door to door.
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Laminacorr Thrives in the Competitive Corrugated Plastics Industry

Laminacorr has operated in manufacturing in eastern Ontario since 2013 in the Cornwall Business Park. The 21-year-old company owned by Guy Robichaud and family employs 60 workers and has grown to be the largest independent corrugated plastics product manufacturer in North America.
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SigmaPoint Technologies’ Bold Vision of Electronic Manufacturing

SigmaPoint Technologies is located in Cornwall in eastern Ontario, and was founded in 1999 by Dan Bergeron, who still runs the company today. The company culture respects every person and has successfully grown from 5 to over 300 committed employees in 20 years.
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How to Thrive in Winter in Canada

As the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce, many new jobs are becoming available across the country, especially in manufacturing. There are many opportunities in Canada, including in the eastern Ontario region, for new Canadians. 
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