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Laminacorr Thrives in the Competitive Corrugated Plastics Industry

Laminacorr has operated in manufacturing in eastern Ontario since 2013 in the Cornwall Business Park. The 21-year-old company owned by Guy Robichaud and family employs 60 workers and has grown to be the largest independent corrugated plastics product manufacturer in North America.
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SigmanPoint Technologies’ Bold Vision of Electronic Manufacturing

SigmanPoint Technologies is located in Cornwall in eastern Ontario, and was founded in 1999 by Dan Bergeron, who still runs the company today. The company culture respects every person and has successfully grown from 5 to over 300 committed employees in 20 years.
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How to Thrive in Winter in Canada

As the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce, many new jobs are becoming available across the country, especially in manufacturing. There are many opportunities in Canada, including in the eastern Ontario region, for new Canadians. 
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How to Boost Hiring with the Eastern Ontario Training Board

Rather than trying to do everything within your manufacturing company, there are many resources available to you right in eastern Ontario. In addition to your local workforce development offices and economic development officers, you have the Eastern Ontario Training Board to help you with hiring and employee retention.
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What’s Life Actually Like in Eastern Ontario?

As house prices and the general cost of living continue to climb in major cities, you might be considering alternatives. You need to first find a location that has a perfect job for you. Then you can start to look into what life is like in other cities in Ontario. The province’s best kept secret for work-life balance is living in eastern Ontario.
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3 Ways to Welcome New Canadians to Your Business

New Canadians are an important talent source for manufacturers, but they're dealing with a lot: moving to a new place, acclimatizing to a new culture and its customs, unfamiliar weather, and maybe learning a second or third language as well. Here are 3 ways your manufacturing company can welcome new Canadians.
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Moving to Canada? Here's What to Expect from Canadian Weather

As a new Canadian, you may be excited about the opportunities in Canada’s eastern Ontario region, like the many manufacturing jobs opening up over the next few years as Baby Boomers leave the workforce.
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What’s Life Like in Cornwall and the Surrounding Area?

Baby Boomers are retiring and manufacturing jobs are becoming available. The Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Plan (EOMWDP) data indicates that in the last quarter of 2017, there
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What’s Life Like in the Kingston-Pembroke Economic Region?

The region of Kingston-Pembroke is located in eastern Ontario, and includes the towns of Belleville, Kingston, Petawawa, and Pembroke. These cities all have access to beautiful waterfront, whether on Lake Ontario or along the Ottawa River. In addition, the region has a strong manufacturing sector that continues to employ many local residents.
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Could Ontarian Cuisine Make It on Netflix Shows About Cooking?

The second episode of the Netflix docuseries Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is all about salt. The show’s host, Samin Nosrat, visits Japan to document the uses of salt and salty tastes in Japanese cooking to make exceptional food. She explores the process of making traditional soy sauce, gathering sea salt from strands of seaweed, (moshio) and making miso soup from scratch.
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