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Profile on the Best Place to Find Workers: Have You Heard of Nesda?

If you are an employer who struggles to find qualified candidates to work when you need them, sometimes at the last minute, Ontario East wants to help you optimize your recruitment. We’ve heard from many companies in our region that there is a need to facilitate talent sharing among employers.

We want to ensure that skilled workforce members get the full-time hours they need to stay in the region so that workers with the right skill sets are available to eastern Ontario employers when they are needed.

5 Ways to Optimize Recruitment for Eastern Ontario Employers

Nesda Technologies Ltd is one of our many local eastern Ontario businesses. Nesda designed the Here2Work app to promote talent retention and mobile workforce preparation.

1. Get Quality Candidates

To retain existing talent in the eastern Ontario region, the skilled workers need to be employed and making enough money to live on and feel comfortable. With an app like Here2Work, you can see the customizable profile of each worker so that you can quickly find someone with the correct skill set to fill a shift.

2. Schedule Workers for Multiple Sites

To make the best use of your employees’ time and talent, the Here2Work app allows you to schedule workers in various locations to organize staffing between multiple sites. The ability to schedule workers at various locations is especially helpful during events like the pandemic when companies are trying to stay open with fewer staff. For workers such as PSWs who work at clients’ homes, you can track their locations and how close they are to each appointment. 

3. Companies Can Share Workers

Nesda explains that the Here2Work app is a much cleaner way to manage workers - and their knowledge - that are coming in from outside your company, especially temporary, seasonal and remote workers (such as PSWs). Attract and retain millennial employees in your workplace by using the technology they want and expect. Employees will appreciate the ability to work for several companies to make up full-time hours for each pay period as the Here2Work app facilitates sharing each worker across companies.

"Here2Work is very successful with their agency clients, but it can work for any company that needs to manage people. If you have shifts to fill, you can use this software to pull in and schedule the workers.” - Nesda Technologies Ltd. 

4. Secure Communication 

It can be difficult to communicate with remote workers, especially if they are on the road a lot. With the Here2Work app on their cell phones, workers stay connected even on the go or when working remotely. The app allows you to communicate with employees in a secure, texting-like environment that ensures confidentiality and keeps client data and company knowledge secure. 

5. Send Secure Shift Reminders

Send Secure Shift RemindersIn this stressful time, employers want to make it easier for their employees to remember and prepare for their shifts. Send secure reminders to workers when their shift is coming up with the Here2Work app to ensure they show up ready and on time. When the Here2Work app is on your employee’s phone, you can communicate any urgent updates or last-minute changes quickly, efficiently, and securely. In case an employee needs to cancel a shift, you can set up emergency rosters to be activated automatically, saving your company hours of calls and email to find cover.

The Best Place to Find Workers for Eastern Ontario Employers

With the ability to post shifts and schedule workers, even for multiple work sites, all in one place, employers spend only minimal time on recruiting, technology or training. The Here2Work app can optimize recruitment for companies of any size helping them to find workers in eastern Ontario to meet the needs of their organization.

Instead of making endless calls or interviews to search for the best-fit candidate, you can use the secure app to find and share workers, and workers can benefit from obtaining work on multiple sites. Nesda’s Here2Work app can help protect small businesses from cybersecurity threats.

For more information about upskilling programs for new hires and incumbent workers, download this infographic.

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