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How to Thrive in Winter in Canada

As the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce, many new jobs are becoming available across the country, especially in manufacturing. There are many opportunities in Canada, including in the eastern Ontario region, for new Canadians. 

If that’s you, learning what to expect from Canadian weather is a great way to feel more at home once you get here. We’re going to debunk some of the winter myths you may have heard.

Winter in Canada: A Survivor’s Guide

Canadian winters in eastern Ontario tend to be coldest in January with an average temperature of -5℃ during the day and -13℃ at night. To face winter prepared, you need a warm parka (those filled with down feathers are usually the warmest, but can be expensive), waterproof boots, a warm winter hat that covers your ears, and warm gloves or mittens.

Because the cold is often accompanied by snow, you need snow tires, and antifreeze for your windshield wiper fluid, as well as a good snow shovel for those wintery days.

But the cold doesn’t stop Canadians from getting out and staying active, and it doesn’t have to stop you either. There are lots of sports you can enjoy to keep warm outside during the winter months in eastern Ontario.

Eastern Ontarians love their winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding at Calabogie Peaks, Batawa Ski Hill and Mount Martin-Deep River. Ice skating on the Rideau Canal, the “largest skating rink,” is popular in Ottawa.


Snowshoeing, dog sledding and ice fishing are great Canadian fun at Haliburton Forest in the Haliburton Highlands.

You might have heard Canadians love their hockey, and we do, and eastern Ontario offers lots of places to play it. The official home of Hockey Eastern Ontario gives you all the latest hockey news and links to the hockey world.

Winter festivals are popular winter fun in eastern Ontario with Winterlude in Ottawa and Feb Fest in Kingston.

And if you’re more of a stay in and chill kind of person, you can enjoy indoor activities: sitting by fireplaces with roaring fires, watching movies at home or at the cinema, or simply curling up in the comfort of your cozy living room with a good book.

So don’t let winter in Canada stop you from doing what you love to do. Whether you’re into outdoor sports, festivals or staying in and watching the snow fall, eastern Ontario has lots to offer you and your family.

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