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Highlighting Workforce Development Program Best Practices in Ontario

Newcomers to Canada are a significant addition to labour pools across the country. That’s why recognizing workforce development best practices in Ontario is essential to help make it easy for people new to the country to find work and settle into communities.

Welcome Niagara: Workforce Development Best Practices in Ontario 

The Niagara resident & immigrant attraction portal is a mix of audience-specific content, testimonials and comprehensive quality-of-life resources for the region and includes information on how immigrants can get their lives started there.

What Newcomers to Canada Will Find on the Welcome Niagara Website 

The Welcome Niagara website is one example of how to make information for newcomers to Canada easy to find and navigate. 

Starting with what to expect when immigrating, settling in and living in the region, this site offers suggestions and connections so newcomers don’t have to scramble to find the information they’re looking for. There’s information about the destination of choice to help newcomers manage their daily life needs like getting a job, finding a home and choosing a school for their kids. 

So not only is the region marketed as an ideal location to immigrate to, the portal takes the guesswork out of what comes next in the process so decisions are easier, and less stressful, to make.  

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In eastern Ontario, attracting newcomers to Canada is also an ongoing endeavour. 

There are training programs to upskill and reskill newcomer workers to fit the local labour force needs. Plus, there are opportunities for fast tracking job search and hiring so new Canadians can get a job faster with less red tape. Eastern Ontario has ongoing plans to create a strategy that focuses on helping immigrants choose to live in eastern Ontario and help them succeed once they get here.

3 Programs to Promote Success for Newcomers to the Eastern Ontario Region

  1. Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) welcome new Canadians to the eastern Ontario region, offering support to find a community in which to live, a home that meets their needs and jobs in sectors they want to work in. 
  2. Newcomer Employment Welcome Services Centre (NEWS) is set up to attract newcomers and help them become part of the community, plus offer help finding jobs in ideal areas so they want to stay long term.
  3. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (Pilot) is a nomination-based process to offer permanent resident status to skilled immigrants so they can fast track their move to eastern Ontario by building on existing experience and skills. 

Building a diverse and skilled workforce with newcomers to Canada starts by making sure people can find what they want in eastern Ontario and by promoting the advantages of living here. 

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  1. https://welcomeniagaracanada.com/



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