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Evonik in Maitland, Ontario, Offers a Responsible Workplace

Evonik Canada Inc. is a global leader in producing specialty chemicals. The Maitland Ontario site of Evonik, which makes hydrogen peroxide, continues to expand. The company currently employs 26 highly skilled local workers in a massive 60,000 square metre facility.

The products that Evonik manufactures are green and the markets they sell to are expanding, including:
  • water treatment
  • soil remediation
  • mining
  • electronics

Responsible Care Is at the Heart of Evonik’s Operation

The company prides itself on being a responsible employer and a good neighbour. The products that Evonik manufactures, and their processes, are sustainable. The people behind the brand also take great care to ensure that the workplace is safe for its employees, the people who live in the surrounding communities, and the environment as a whole.

Evonik takes part in the Responsible Care initiative, which focuses on continuous improvement of occupational health and safety, as well as environmental sustainability. Responsible Care was actually invented in Canada as a worldwide safety initiative within the chemical industry. Evonik employs experienced professionals who also take safety seriously, which is reflected in an excellent safety record.

Evonik Values Being a Good Neighbour in Eastern Ontario

image4-1For Evonik, being a good neighbour means providing a safe place for local employees to work and share in a vision of sustainable production. Being a good neighbour also means protecting the environment for all people in the region. 

Ontario East is helping to promote businesses that provide stable, interesting careers in manufacturing. Evonik goes one step further by committing to safe operations and to sharing its mission of doing business in a manner that is best for the entire planet. 

There are many ways to take part in the manufacturing workforce of eastern Ontario. Training programs exist to get you up to speed quickly, and you may already have the skills that employers are looking for right now. You can highlight key skills on your resumé as you start to research amazing opportunities in the region.

How to Become a Part of the Eastern Ontario Community

Becoming a member of a societally conscious company and community can take your career fulfilment to the next level. 

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