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Dvine Laboratories: Breaking New Ground in the Eastern Ontario Region

Dvine Laboratories is a developer of e-juice (the liquid used in e-cigarettes) based in Lindsay, Ontario. Dvine Laboratories’ headquarters takes up 30,000 square feet of office space and the company employs 34 people. Business is booming, but this successful, relatively new company says it will stay in Lindsay forever. You may wonder how Dvine Laboratories can be so sure that eastern Ontario will always be the right place for their company, but before that question is answered, let’s look into the history of Dvine Laboratories and see how founder Mike Meathrel decided the tobacco industry could use a bit of a reboot.   

Dvine Laboratories: From Humble Cravings to International Success

Mike Meathrel, now CEO of Dvine Laboratories, was looking for a way to roll back his pack-and-a-half daily smoking habit. On a recommendation, he tried an e-cigarette. His transformation was quick: “I was smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes a day but once I tried an e-cigarette, I knew within two days I would never smoke again.”

image3The experience of smoking an e-cigarette was way better than traditional cigarettes for Meathrel. But a problem still remained: in the early days of vaping, e-juices were sold and manufactured in sketchy, dirty facilities that had Mike thinking that what he had gained by doing away with all the harmful materials of a traditional cigarette he may have lost in whatever his e-juices had picked up by being manufactured in such un-sterile facilities. 

Meathrel decided that he would become the manufacturer of a brand of e-juice that would solve the problems he saw in the new industry. He believed that other users were similarly appalled at the conditions vaping products were being developed in, and it turns out he was right. Dvine Laboratories has grown quickly from users who seek a safer, cleaner, more regulated smoking product. 

“Even though our industry is not regulated, we operate as if we are regulated,” Meathrel says. Dvine Laboratories provides accurate testing in an industry where the consumer is often not exactly sure what is in the product they consume. 

The Eastern Ontario Difference: Companies That Drive Innovation

When you choose to work in eastern Ontario, you can work for Dvine Laboratories or many other companies that drive their industry forward into developing a better product. With opportunities to join many thriving new industries, the eastern Ontario region boasts a low cost of living compared to larger Canadian cities and offers long-time employment and room for families to grow. 

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