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Announcing the Employer One Survey Coming Soon to Eastern Ontario

Beginning in 2012, the Employer One survey has been conducted in various locations in Ontario. The goal of the survey is to better understand labour market demand and workforce development activity locally.

In 2019 the local Boards in the eastern region (Eastern Ontario Training Board, Ottawa Employment Hub, Labour Market Group Renfrew Lanark, Eastern Workforce Innovation Board, Centre for Workforce Development, Workforce Development Board) collaborated to implement a common Employer One survey to be distributed in December 2020/January 2021.

The Employer One survey has been helping employers and economic developers to better understand aspects of the local labour market including churn, positions that are difficult to fill, and employers’ use of workforce development programs on a local level.

6 Eastern Ontario Employers Who Will Benefit From Employer One Survey

The survey sample size will generate a 95% confidence level, which will benefit the following six types of eastern Ontario employers.

  1. Business communities operating the fourteen census divisions making up eastern Ontario will gain a better understanding of labour market supply and demand locally and regionally, leading to collaborative action to address labour market shortages as well as to more strategic recruitment and retention of talent. 

  2. Economic development officers will similarly benefit by accessing this in-depth information about local business priorities and gaining a better understanding of how business growth can be supported.

  3. Educators will be provided with further insight into labour market demand in order to develop training courses focused on skills development versus formal qualifications to create programs that support business growth.

  4. Be Sure to Participate In the Employer One SurveyEmployment service providers and counsellors will be provided the information necessary to give clients and students meaningful career guidance, develop and implement programs, and support clients, learners and local businesses alike.

  5. Students, jobseekers and workers will have access to survey results, to assist them in making evidence-based career and training decisions, such as pursuing a high-tech career in manufacturing.

  6. Governments will also be provided information, contributing to their ability to make evidence-based policy and program decisions.

Be Sure to Participate In the Employer One Survey

The more respondents there are, the more accurate the results will be.

The resulting information about labour market demand, workforce development and skills gaps will be essential in the planning and delivery of economic development programs in 2021 and beyond to make living and working here better than ever. 

For more information about living and working in eastern Ontario, download the Quality of Life infographic. 

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