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5 Ways Local Immigration Partnerships Help Newcomers Get Established

Newcomers to the eastern Ontario region can look toward Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) to get settled, get connected and get a job.

When you’re new to Canada, you have the opportunity to fulfill life goals and join the Ontario workforce or become a small business owner and enhance neighbourhoods and share in community success. That’s why LIPs, funded by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, are a key first connection for you. LIPs help you find the right fit for your family in eastern Ontario, from your working goals to your lifestyle needs. 

Newcomers to Canada: Connect With Local Immigration Partnerships Now 

LIPs ease the transition for newcomers to eastern Ontario. Businesses, community leaders, social organizations and training facilities work together to identify the needs of their communities. 

Then, they determine how they can help newcomers access what they need to be successful within those communities. 

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If you’re a newcomer to Canada and want to know what communities have to offer for housing, wages, and quality of life, you can find that information. Since April 2020, LIPs have worked to actively improve the newcomer experience in eastern Ontario to address service gaps. 

Here are 5 ways LIPs can help you as a newcomer to Canada enjoy a life in eastern Ontario: 

  1. Foster receptive labour markets so newcomers can use their skills where needed,
  2. Provide a welcome kit to help familiarize newcomers with the community, 
  3. Organize an ambassador group to provide a dedicated voice for newcomers’ needs,
  4. Facilitate community connection events to build relationships between newcomers and different sectors, and
  5. Map newcomer services and develop a referral process so newcomers know where to get started and get any assistance they need.

LIPs make it easier for newcomers to Canada to find success living and working in eastern Ontario.

What It's Like to Live in Eastern Ontario for Newcomers to Canada 

Download the Quality of Life infographic if you're a newcomer to Canada looking for a community where you want to live and work.

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