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Why Inbound Marketing for Manufacturing Is So Important

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing people to products and services through easily searchable and enticingly relevant online content. Inbound marketing aims to create valuable experiences for your target audience, that have a positive impact on people and your business.

Inbound marketing for Ontario manufacturing attracts and helps potential investors and employees by giving them information through channels like blogs, social media marketing (SMM), and email nurturing. These channels provide content people need to make business and employment decisions, providing value that creates trust and gives your business credibility.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Manufacturing

Inbound marketing is all about giving people the information they’re looking for when they need it. And when you don’t have the time to invest in recruiting, for example, inbound marketing keeps working for you even when you can’t. Because it is a consensual form of marketing, where people search for and opt in to the information you provide, you are more likely to find better fit investors and employees.

3 Kinds of Inbound Marketing for Manufacturing


1. Blogs with SEO:

Writing blogs with SEO keywords embedded specifically for your potential investors helps you reach farther to get your message across. You can attract investors from international markets by tailoring what your investors want to what they search for and read on your website. Your investors can read your content anytime day or night, because your blogs are working for you even when you aren’t.

2. Social media marketing (SMM):null

Social media is a great way to showcase your company culture to attract potential job seekers to your region. Attracting better fit employees is key to reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. Using SMM also reaches Generation Z and Millennials who are often found on social media and who are the future of your labour force.

3. Email marketing:

Keeping you top-of-mind with your investors and leads during their ‘buyer’s journey’ is what email marketing was created for. It also fulfills the ‘delight’ stage of inbound marketing, where you retain and continue to upsell to your investors in the future. Once an investor has committed to your project, you keep them up-to-date on your region’s potential on a regular basis to nurture your business relationship. 

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