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Discover One of the Best Job Search Sites for Eastern Ontario

A job search can be exhausting, doubly so if you’re looking to switch industries. It’s so demoralizing: sending out resumes to an online void and somehow getting zero responses, not even a “thanks for your interest.” It’s something no one enjoys.
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Manufacturing Skills Training: Soft Skills versus Hard Skills

When you're getting ready for a career, you often think in terms of training for the specific job you'll be doing. This is called hard skills development or training; an example of manufacturing skills training could be learning how to weld or computer coding. Job training focuses on the hard skills you need to do the job successfully. And you need to learn those skills in any job you do. But skills training encompasses a broader way of approaching a job. Skills training includes the soft skills.
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How to Get the Most Out of Job Opportunities in Eastern Ontario

Nationally, about 86 percent of manufacturers are reporting having difficulties hiring despite the manufacturing industry’s growing strength. Eastern Ontario employs some 65,000 people, and in this region, hiring difficulties appear linked to a skills shortage in the workforce. This skills shortage is not the fault of job seekers but a result of the changing nature of jobs.
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The Value of Skills Development in Manufacturing

As you are searching for your next workplace, one that provides a secure income as well as challenging and enjoyable daily work, think about the skills development that you might need to increase the chances of getting hired. In today’s fast-paced world, technology is changing the workplace rapidly. But if you invest in new skills to understand that technology, you will continue to be competitive in today’s job market.
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Remember This Often Untapped Resource: Hiring People with Disabilities

In the Workforce Development Board’s (WDC) recent report titled “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers”, the 2012 employment rate of Canadians aged 25-64 with disabilities was just 49%, which was 30% lower than those without a disability.
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The 4th Industrial Revolution and What It Means for Your Job Search

The 4th industrial revolution is here, and though it might sound daunting, it simply refers to the digitization of industry. Just as technology has positively impacted your daily life, it’s also entered the workplace and is helping to advance the operations of companies and their employees.
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What You Need to Know About Digital Automation

Are you looking for a job in manufacturing but are worried when you hear about factories closing and about the rising prevalence of jobs being transformed by automation? While it is true that automation is transforming the manufacturing industry, automation is creating as many jobs as it is outdating.
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What Should I Do When I Leave High School: Should I Go to College?

Congratulations, your high school days are almost over. You’re probably either excited or feeling anxious about the road ahead or, even more likely, you’re feeling a little bit of both. As someone who grew up during the recession, and who has been a firsthand witness of technology’s rapid acceleration, you know that you can’t necessarily rely on the life path that your parents or teachers grew up with. 
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What Should I Do When I Leave High School: Should I Go to University?

It’s the “big question”: What are you going to do after high school? Everyone wants to know. You probably get asked a lot at family functions. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with a good answer. On top of that, you know the job market is changing – fast. You worry that by the time you complete your degree, it will already be obsolete.
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Don't Count Yourself Out of the Manufacturing Job Market

Want a job that pays well for doing something that you’re passionate about? Take a second look at the manufacturing job market. A recent Bloomberg article notes that millennial men tend to be missing from the job market.
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