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Remember This Often Untapped Resource: Hiring People with Disabilities

In the Workforce Development Board’s (WDC) recent report titled “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers”, the 2012 employment rate of Canadians aged 25-64 with disabilities was just 49%, which was 30% lower than those without a disability.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Engineering Professionals

Manufacturing industries in Ontario are currently looking for engineering professionals. If you excelled in your high school math and science courses, and you really like the idea of designing or solving complex problems using technical skills, you would love a career in engineering.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Skilled Trades

Some of the most in-demand job opportunities within manufacturing are in the skilled trades.
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Don't Count Yourself Out of the Manufacturing Job Market

Want a job that pays well for doing something that you’re passionate about? Take a second look at the manufacturing job market. A recent Bloomberg article notes that millennial men tend to be missing from the job market.
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Are Millennial Men Missing From the Manufacturing Job Market?

There are currently half a million young men missing from the job market, and Bloomberg's report on millennial men leaving a hole in the U.S. job market is suggesting it’s because they are tired of long days and minimum wage positions they aren’t enthusiastic about. 
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What Will the Jobs of the Future Be?

As you begin to think about your future, you’re probably wondering how you can have an impact on this world, in a job that is stable, and even fun. 
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