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Attracting and Retaining Millennials in Your Workplace

You can no longer post job openings online and expect applicants to be knocking down your door in droves.
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New Work-Life Balance Trends: The Future of Work Life

The balance between work and life has often caused conflicts in our personal and professional lives. As younger generations enter the workforce, the shift toward work-life balance continues to create some conflict but also to create harmony for the next generation of the workforce.
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Top 3 Trends in Manufacturing Jobs

Searching for a great job is a time-consuming task, so you want to make sure you are limiting your search criteria to job sectors that have secure, great paying positions.
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ManufacturingGPS: Eastern Ontario’s LMI Story

This is a guest blog post by Lisa Steudle of EMC (Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium).
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Manufacturing Trends and AI Industry Trends: Where They Collide

The growing influence of artificial intelligence in our lives will become more commonplace as time goes on.
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How to Find a Job in the Manufacturing Sector

October is Manufacturing Month and we're promoting everything about manufacturing in eastern Ontario all month long. One of the best ways we can do that is by helping you find your dream job in the manufacturing sector right here in eastern Ontario.
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Manufacturing Month: Research & Recruitment for Employers

  FOR RELEASE: October 1, 2019 Alysha Dominico Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (EOMWDP) (416) 779-7407 ad@tangiblewords.com
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Let’s Rethink Jobs in the Trades

In the not-so-distant past, many people believed that in order to make a decent living they had to get a university degree. While a degree remains a requirement for certain professions, there are a growing number of high-paying occupations that instead require an apprenticeship. The demand for skilled tradespeople is high in eastern Ontario, where a booming manufacturing sector continues to grow.
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Find New High-Tech Jobs On an Awesome Tour of Manufacturing

On October 9th, 2019, Peterborough and the Kawarthas are hosting an open door tour of manufacturing companies. Over 40 participants are already expected, including guidance counsellors, pathways consultants and teachers from the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board (PVNCCDSB) and the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board (KPRDSB).
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Increase Your Job Prospects with SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO)

SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO) can help you find available jobs in manufacturing and will set you up with the skills development you need. The SAO program exists to give you the best shot possible at landing a secure, well-paying, exciting job in eastern Ontario’s manufacturing sector.
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