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The Best Manufacturing Jobs in Eastern Ontario

When you begin to plan the type of work you want to do for the rest of your life, it’s important to make sure you find work in growing industries, where you have job security and great pay.
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Are You the Right Fit for These Manufacturing Jobs?

October is Manufacturing Month so we’re profiling some of the great manufacturing job opportunities available in eastern Ontario. We’ve summarized 7 jobs that range from skilled trades to engineering to managerial positions, offering you lots of options depending on what you’re interested in and where you see yourself in your career future.
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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Spotlight: Longevity Acrylics

It’s a fine day to get to know a local eastern Ontario manufacturer. Longevity Acrylics Inc. is a bathware manufacturing company, based in Summerstown Ontario, that manufactures 100% cast acrylic bathware designs.
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Manufacturing Job Profiles: Process Control Engineer

Process control engineering is the 8th most popular manufacturing job in eastern Ontario, according to data collected by the Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (or EOMWDP for short).
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Manufacturing Job Profiles: Manufacturing Manager

If you're close to finishing your education, you're likely wondering what career you'd like to have once you're done. In the next 5 years, Baby Boomers will be leaving the workforce and the manufacturing sector is looking for skilled workers to take their place.
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Manufacturing Job Profiles: Machinist and Tooling Inspector

According to data collected by the EOMWDP, a machinist and tooling inspector is the 9th most popular job in eastern Ontario. These jobs are ideal for people who have strong attention to detail, can read and interpret engineering drawings, and can explain complicated ideas in a simple, clear way. 
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Manufacturing Job Profiles: Welder

According to the data compiled by the EOMWDP (Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Plan) project, welders are the 7th most popular job in eastern Ontario’s manufacturing sector. In an industry that employs 65,000 people, welders are in high demand.
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Manufacturing Jobs: Information Technology Professionals

As you decide what you want to go to post-secondary to study, it’s helpful to consider what jobs are actively hiring. That way you can plan your path to a tangible job goal at the end of your studies. Nowadays, many jobs require specific skills training. It’s better to plan a career path before you graduate, so you can ensure you have the skills you need for a job after graduation.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Engineering Professionals

Manufacturing industries in Ontario are currently looking for engineering professionals. If you excelled in your high school math and science courses, and you really like the idea of designing or solving complex problems using technical skills, you would love a career in engineering.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Skilled Trades

Some of the most in-demand job opportunities within manufacturing are in the skilled trades.
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