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Is a Career in Manufacturing the Right Fit for You?

The period following graduation is a strenuous time for anyone, but it can be even trickier if you don’t know what you want to do when you graduate. You probably feel yourself pulled in all sorts of directions.

Should you do what’s practical? Should you do what you love? Is there a way to do both?

And what if you haven’t figured out what you love to do? Your parents are pulling you in one direction, your teachers in another, and your friends in still another. In this time of technological blitz, you know the rules are changing all the time. It’s hard to even take an adult’s advice on anything because no one really knows where the new boundaries are landing. School is one option, but it isn’t the only one. If you don’t particularly relish the idea of four or more years in post-secondary education, you might want to look into manufacturing, a career path perfect for people looking to avoid more schooling, or to supplement their schooling with a healthy income.


There’s an old and erroneous perception of manufacturing that makes people think of grubby factories, tediousness, and mass layoffs. Maybe you’ve even been told to avoid a career in manufacturing. The thing is, everything is changing fast these days, and so is the false image of manufacturing.

For example, you’re probably aware that automation is a huge development facing manufacturing (but also, for that matter, almost every other industry) - but guess what: most of the manufacturing jobs lost to automation are actually those more tedious and repetitive line jobs your parents warned you about.

The jobs that remain will be jobs that require creativity and an ability to adapt. And there will be lots of jobs. In the next five years, thousands of baby boomers will be retiring (right now, 10,000 boomers reach retirement age every day). You could be offered a job right after graduation. Even if you still want to go to school for something else, working in Ontario manufacturing jobs part time or during the summer can help you weather the costs of post-secondary education.

How to Start a Career in Manufacturing Right Away

There are many ways to get started with a career in manufacturing, even before you graduate. One way available to Ontario East is the Elevate Plus Training Program. The program is…

  • completable in just six weeks, earning you a certificate from Loyalist College.
  • free from tuition fees.
  • the door to a successful and stable career right away. It’s an excellent alternative or partnership to a post-secondary program.
  • open to any unemployed or underemployed recent grad over 18, so you can start earning right away.

Discover More Ways to Start Your Career in Manufacturing

Download this infographic to learn how you can better prepare yourself for the jobs of the future in Canada.

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