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Learn How to Improve Quality of Work Life for Employees

By now, you’ve heard us beating the drum about the quality of life in eastern Ontario. Ontario East has many jobs, opportunities for education and upskilling, and beautiful places to live. There are community events and resources for job seekers, students, and new Canadians. The quality of life in the region is an excellent enticement not only for newcomers to the region, but to businesses new to the region as well. 

If you run a business in eastern Ontario, here are ways you can contribute to the region and how to improve quality of work life for employees. 

How to Improve Quality of Work Life for Employees: 3 Ways

  1. Wages: the number one way to help employees with their quality of life is to provide competitive wages. With the rising cost of inflation, ensuring your employees are able to continue to live happy, healthy, comfortable lives, will always be the best thing you can offer to your employees. 
  2. Flexibility: the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to rethink how and where employees work. While public health measures now make it possible to return to the office and businesses for work, the pandemic demonstrated that people can work from home and get the job done. Providing flexible work from home options where possible is one of the ways that employers can provide flexible work options to improve quality of life for employees. Of course, not all jobs can be done from home but there are other ways businesses can be flexible to improve quality of life. Employers can improve life for employees who are parents by adopting innovations like on-site daycares. Flexible part-time positions offer opportunities to seniors to join the payroll. Many retirees need to re-enter the workforce if they are struggling with their budgets and part-time positions fill this need. 
  3. Soft skills: Our research shows that one of the easiest ways to improve quality of life for employees is by improving our soft skills. In the workplace, that means communicating expectations and praise, providing support and investing in employee development. Simply by making the workplace a safe and supportive environment, help improve the quality of life of employees. 

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