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An Online Learning Platform Can Make Your Dream Job a Reality

The world and how we work within it has changed - most recently because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also gradually as technology has given us more access to information we can use for different and more fulfilling careers. Keeping your skills relevant is especially important so you can adapt to shifts in the job market. 

But even better is the ability to take control over the work you want to do. With the many options available from an online learning platform like LinkedIn Learning, you can work in a job that you love with all the skills you need to do it well.

Your training opportunities are limitless in eastern Ontario using an online learning platform. LinkedIn Learning hosts more than 16,000 courses designed by industry experts from around the world. Whether you’re a job seeker or looking for a promotion or reskilling opportunity, LinkedIn Learning is a goldmine of training in fields like business, creative arts and technology. 

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Using an Online Learning Platform in Eastern Ontario

The best thing about using an online learning platform is that you can access it from anywhere you're connected, with whatever device you choose. Knowing who’s hiring and what kinds of jobs are available in your area makes it easier to decide on courses, too.

Not only is this online accessibility helpful during the pandemic, but it also makes skills training easier if you’re in a rural area or unable to get to classes outside your home. Whether you need a quick course to supplement existing skills, or an in-depth curriculum for a change of career, you can access it. You can benefit from continuing education and earn certifications in areas such as programming, business leadership, customer service and even entrepreneurship.

3 Reasons LinkedIn Learning Works

You might have taken online courses before and didn’t feel like you succeeded. Maybe you had difficulty engaging with your instructor or the course content. LinkedIn Learning courses are tailored for an effective online learning experience to make sure you can do well and boost your CV and your LinkedIn profile, here’s how:

  1. Courses are offered in bite-sized video segments, so you won’t get overwhelmed with information.
  2. The platform suggests more courses based on the ones you’ve already done. These suggestions lead you to more in-depth training based on your interest, so you don't have to go searching for more yourself.
  3. Training offers essential preparatory skills along with certifications that are approved by experts in each field, so you know your new skills are relevant to employers. 

Even better, most courses offer practical real-life examples, practice files and knowledge checks so you can test what you’ve learned and know if you’re getting it or need to review.

How Can I Access LinkedIn Learning to Start Upskilling?

You can subscribe to LinkedIn Learning for a monthly fee, which includes a free one-month trial. A subscription gives you unlimited access to courses. And you can do them on your own schedule.

Some businesses have their own accounts for employees to use, so ask your employer about it. As well, some libraries in eastern Ontario have a subscription that you can access through your local chapter.

If you’re looking for more upskilling opportunities locally, check out this Job Seekers guide to training opportunities in eastern Ontario. Download the guide right now.

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