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Women’s Entrepreneurship Program Helps Businesses in Eastern Ontario

The peaks and valleys of business make entrepreneurship an exhilarating and anxious experience. It means long hours and the constant need for skills development and training. For many women who are entrepreneurs, it also means juggling work life with family responsibilities, whether that be caring for children or a loved one. Or being left out of business communities that have often been male-dominated spaces. 

There is no quick fix to any of the challenges facing women entrepreneurs. But there is help. 

50% of the businesses started this year will be by women. If you are one of those women or you know her, you need the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (WEP). 

What Is WEP?

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Program offers virtual business support to women in the eastern Ontario region. Funded through the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, eligible participants will receive: 

  • online training to strengthen entrepreneurial skills
  • live-streamed business roundtable events 
  • virtual one-on-one discussions with a designated business consultant, and
  • mentorship and networking opportunities via virtual meetups. 

Who Can Enroll?

Women who want to start and run a full time business or have been operating for less than 6 months are eligible to enroll. Women in 5 catchment areas can access these important services: 

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland (BECN)
  2. Kawartha Lakes Small Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (KLSBEC)
  3. Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre (LGSBEC)
  4. Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation (PRCDC)
  5. Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD)

Are You Outside of A Catchment Area?

If you find yourself outside of a catchment area or ineligible for this program, you can still participate in the program by sharing the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program with your networks. 

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