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Welcome to Canada: Get Newcomer Employment Services

So, you’ve arrived in Canada. Welcome. Let’s get you started in your life here whether you’ve already got some plans in place or you need help getting settled in your new community.
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Job Seekers in Eastern Ontario: Enroll in Free Elevate Plus Program

If you are looking for a new career with a steady paycheque that allows you to live a comfortable lifestyle, the Elevate Plus program in the Bay of Quinte can help. Just one of 21 training programs offered in eastern Ontario, Elevate Plus provides free training and on-the-job experience to Bay of Quinte job seekers who want to upskill or reskill for a career in the local manufacturing or food processing industries.
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Get Jobs in Kingston Ontario to Live and Work in a Place You Love

Employers are hiring for good jobs in Kingston Ontario so make sure you’re getting all the notifications first. Use livework.kingstoncanada.com to quickly access five job-seeking resources on one website. This job-seeker service is part of a website dedicated to getting you the quality of life you’re looking for by living and working in Kingston.
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How to Develop New Skills for Work in the Eastern Ontario Region

Across eastern Ontario there are programs to help job seekers develop new skills. Giving job seekers access to quality training means they can better prepare for stable, full-time work. It also connects them to jobs waiting on the other side of the training. A good example is the upskilling program Elevate Plus which helps job seekers upskill and start working upon graduation with the program’s employers.
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Make Manufacturing Fun in 2020 with MFG Month Events

October is Manufacturing Month and many businesses and communities will hold Manufacturing Day/Week/Month celebrations during this time.
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Post-Secondary Programs in Ontario That Lead to a Great Life

Manufacturing is an excellent place to start a future career, but if you’re looking to join the manufacturing industry, you may be wondering how to get in.
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Best Ways to Upskill in Manufacturing Training

The end of the year is a time for countdowns and best-of lists, and we’re happy to jump on the trend and remind you of the year’s best tools to upskill in manufacturing training.
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The Best Ways to Optimize Training for Manufacturing Businesses

In manufacturing, technology is constantly improving processes and moving your business forward.
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5 Recruitment and Retention Strategies You Need to Know

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to invest in recruiting and retaining workers, these 5 techniques will pay off by generating excitement about the future of manufacturing for your upcoming workforce.
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Learn More About Fast Manufacturing Job Training

October is Manufacturing Month so we’re promoting the manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario all month long. We don’t want you to miss any opportunities for finding manufacturing job training and a great job, so we’re profiling Elevate Plus, a manufacturing training program.
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