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Optimize Your Manufacturing Training Onboarding Process

You are aware that most often an employee onboarding process can be overwhelming both to the organization and the new employee. Onboarding is often filled with bureaucracy and tedium at best and, at worst, is an experience so unpleasant that it contributes to high employee turnover.
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Upskill Now: Optimize Tech and Robotics Skills in Manufacturing

Upskilling your manufacturing employees is essential in an increasingly technological world. Manufacturers in the Quinte region have communicated their need for talent that can work with and repair computers. 
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How Adaptive Learning Benefits Manufacturing Training

Much of traditional corporate learning is costly, because it takes employees away from their jobs, and it has to be repeated endlessly. On top of that, a lot of information learned during training doesn’t stick with employees and that’s because our brains lose most of the information we learn within 48 hours of learning it. In a sense, this is a helpful function of the brain: it helps sort out information. We learn a lot of new information in a day, but we don’t need all of it.
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Get Training for Manufacturing Careers

If you’re looking for a new career, you can get manufacturing training and find a job in eastern Ontario. Manufacturing careers are high-tech, clean, and stable, so don’t discount the manufacturing industry as a potential career path. Manufacturing continues to grow across eastern Ontario, employing some 65,000 people. But about 86 percent of manufacturers across Canada are reporting having difficulties hiring, and in eastern Ontario that difficulty could be linked to a skills shortage.
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This Is Your Career on Manufacturing Training

The manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario alone employs 65,000 people, and it is growing and improving every year with the help of the latest technology. To secure a place in one of these cutting-edge, large corporations, consider investing in yourself through manufacturing training.
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How to Optimize Recruitment and Retention in Manufacturing

You already know that your business’s most important asset is its workforce. You’ve put great effort into hiring, creating competitive pay packages, and ensuring a safe manufacturing plant. But how can you go one step further in order to really max out your recruitment and retention potential? It starts with highlighting your company’s strengths, and taking the pulse of how your employees feel.
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How to Optimize Manufacturing Onboarding Training

With training new hires foremost in your mind for the next five years as more and more baby boomers retire, you - along with many manufacturing executives - will be looking for ways to optimize manufacturing onboarding training. Why focus on onboarding?
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