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Dvine Laboratories: Breaking New Ground in the Eastern Ontario Region

Dvine Laboratories is a developer of e-juice (the liquid used in e-cigarettes) based in Lindsay, Ontario. Dvine Laboratories’ headquarters takes up 30,000 square feet of office space and the company employs 34 people. Business is booming, but this successful, relatively new company says it will stay in Lindsay forever. 
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STEM Books for Kids Highlight Manufacturing Trends You Need to Know

We've profiled STEM books for kids before because they’re important for introducing your kids (and you) to the world of STEM and manufacturing trends.
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Maximum Signs in the Eastern Ontario Region

Ron Haslam has been making signs for pretty much all his working life. After leaving school at 15 and starting to work in the sign industry at 16, he found he had a natural talent for it.
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Opportunities for Working in Eastern Ontario Keep Getting Better

We've written about 5 reasons why you'll want to work in eastern Ontario, and we've thought of 3 more you’ll want to know about. Above and beyond the 5 great reasons, eastern Ontario offers you a great quality of life, access to amazing education and many diverse opportunities to grow your career.
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DVS Manufacturing Carries on the Family Business

The owners of DVS Manufacturing Inc. and Louet North America are a husband and wife team that sell their products all over the world. Dave and Pam Van Stralen’s business is located in the Leeds Grenville area of eastern Ontario. DVS is perhaps best-known for its SquareTM ergonomic knitting needles and crochet hooks. 
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Creative Canadians Work at Jarvis Design and Display

Jarvis Design and Display Ltd. has been going strong for 46 years. The company is known for creating signage and in-store wall graphics that appear all across Canada. From store signs outside local grocery stores to washroom graphics or direction signs inside an office building, Jarvis Design and Display has done it all.
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Evonik in Maitland, Ontario, Offers a Responsible Workplace

Evonik Canada Inc. is a global leader in producing specialty chemicals. The Maitland Ontario site of Evonik, which makes hydrogen peroxide, continues to expand. The company currently employs 26 highly skilled local workers in a massive 60,000 square metre facility.
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The Green Beaver Company: Eastern Ontario’s Natural Innovator

Husband and wife duo, Karen Clark and Alain Ménard, started their company to provide their families and all Canadians with healthier personal care products. 
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These Technical Textile Manufacturers Are Looking into the Future

Here’s an industry that may not come to mind when you think of the manufacturing sector: technical textile manufacturers. Technical textiles are used in all sorts of places beyond where you would normally think of textiles being used. Industries like construction, transportation, sports, and agriculture all use technical textiles.
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3 Ways to Attract Investment to Your Manufacturing Business

You’re probably feeling excited. It’s Manufacturing Month and that means that there’s a lot of activity around our industry. Interest in the manufacturing sector is concentrated in this one month, and for thirty-one days you can feel like the star of the show. But we all know this month has to come to an end, and when it does things will go back to normal. Getting new potential investors interested in the industry is harder without all the initiatives that are reserved for Manufacturing Month.
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