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Newcomers to Canada Get Immigration Support in Eastern Ontario

Relocating to a new country can be overwhelming and maybe downright terrifying for newcomers to Canada. That’s why the Newcomer Employment Welcome Services centre (NEWS) is being established in Cornwall.

NEWS works with newcomers to Canada to ease the burden of navigating a new country’s system and making sure people are following the right paths to settling down and finding work where they want to live. 

It’s funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is set to open in March 2021. The NEWS centre is focussed on five key components to help newcomers to Canada choose to live and succeed here.

5 Ways Immigration Support Will Work for Newcomers in Eastern Ontario

The NEWS centre will help newcomers to Canada find an ideal place to live that's comfortable and affordable and help them get a good job in eastern Ontario. Offering bilingual services, NEWS is working to:   

  1. Attract newcomers to eastern Ontario, providing information about quality of life, training potential and good jobs available helping create individual settlement and employment plans,
  2. Integrate new residents into communities with empathetic, bilingual services,  
  3. Employ newcomers by connecting them with jobs to meet their skills or get the training they need to qualify for available positions in multiple sectors,
  4. Settle families into communities and neighbourhoods that meet their home and job expectations, and
  5. Retain new Canadians by empathizing with understanding their needs as newcomers while sustaining quality of life standards in the region.  

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Community partners from all sectors aim to provide a strong immigration support network to help newcomers. Using a referrals and assessment process within ongoing case management, newcomers can connect with skills-training providers and potential employers and integrate into new communities. 

3 Ways You Can Connect With Help in the Community When You’re New to Canada:

  1. Workshops and presentations tailored to newcomers so you can get familiar with your new home; 
  2. Conversation circles to help make local connections in a face-to-face setting with other newcomers like you; and
  3. One-on-one meetings to provide individual support so you can talk about your unique needs and wants from your new life in Canada. 

Want to know what life is like in eastern Ontario? Download your Quality of Life Infographic.

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