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Get Jobs in Kingston Ontario to Live and Work in a Place You Love

Employers are hiring for good jobs in Kingston Ontario so make sure you’re getting all the notifications first. Use livework.kingstoncanada.com to quickly access five job-seeking resources on one website. This job-seeker service is part of a website dedicated to getting you the quality of life you’re looking for by living and working in Kingston.Of course, Kingston is just one example of the many great places to live in eastern Ontario. If you’re not looking for work specifically in Kingston, here’s a Spotlight on 9 of Eastern Ontario Region’s Innovative Manufacturers so you can see what other job opportunities are available in eastern Ontario. Plus, you can use labour market research to find out where you’re most likely to find the job you want in a community you’ll love in eastern Ontario.

5 Ways You Can Find Jobs in Kingston Ontario

  1. Jobs Boards: so you can see what's available now,
  2. Employment Ontario: where you can access training and apprenticeship opportunities, 
  3. Professional Associations: to connect within your profession, 
  4. Recruitment Agencies: to help you get jobs specifically for you and your skillset, and
  5. Kingston Is Hiring: follow them on Twitter and Facebook for easy-to-access job opportunities on many platforms you use.

Here’s What You Want to Know About Quality of Life in Kingston Ontario

Work is a small part of your day, so why not live where your downtime is spent how you want, whether you’re flying solo or with your family. Experiencing Kingston, Ontario will show you how you can enhance your quality of life when you move here, with help to:

  1. Make local connections so you can immerse yourself in your new city,
  2. Discover Arts & Culture so you can enjoy your free time appreciating local talent,
  3. Experience parks & outdoor spaces so you can get outside and stay active, and physically distant, in natural spaces, 
  4. Indulge in the food scene so you can eat local food, find your favourite and get it delivered, and
  5. Unwind in the nightlife, after the pandemic, to enjoy yourself and meet up with friends. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Kingston?

If you’ve got a family and you choose Kingston your monthly expenses will be about $4,600. 

Single? You’re looking at $2,400 per month.1  

In Toronto, a single person is paying over $1,000 more per month and it’s only a two-hour drive away from Kingston. 

Living with a family in Toronto shoots up your costs to $6,250. So if you're looking to live a diverse life with a good job, why not check out what jobs are available in Kingston and how much they pay, and find out how much more you can get for that Kingston Ontario paycheque 2

Download your free Quality of Life infographic 

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External links are provided as informational resources only and are not necessarily endorsed by Ontario East.

  1. https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/kingston-canada
  2. https://livework.kingstoncanada.com/


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