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Use A Diversity Audit Tool to Champion DEI In Your Workplace

It’s easy to throw around the buzzwords associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) but it’s more difficult to do the actual work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you’re an employer looking to learn more about DEI and do that hard but important work to make all of our workplaces more diverse, inclusive, and equitable places, read on to learn about diversity audit tools. 

A diversity audit tool helps you understand the demographics and culture of your workforce to identify the special factors that will help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

My Workforce Is Already Diverse, Why Do I Need a Diversity Audit Tool?

If your workforce already reflects the demographics of the world around us, that is great. But there is still a misunderstanding of what it means to be a diverse employer. Leadership may believe that their workforce reflects a diverse culture, however, if you talk to employees about it, they will often point out that there is no one in the leadership who is diverse. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, women belong in all the places decisions are made, and this sentiment is also true of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. Just like our workforce should be diverse, so should our leadership. The inclusion of diverse groups within the workforce and leadership guarantees a wider breadth of experiences and perspectives, strengthening your organization. 

A Local Diversity Audit Tool

The I2C Immigration Consulting EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) helps to increase employee engagement and retention and provides a critical advantage for organizations. By conducting a diversity audit, I2C is able to uncover the “somewhat hidden secrets” that help organizations become more successful and make leaders more impactful. 

I2C takes a three-step approach to it’s diversity audit that is grounded in social justice and equity: 

  1. Assessment: I2C collects data through surveys and feedback to understand the challenges faced by employees and leadership and take a snapshot of the current work environment. 
  2. Education: I2C provides racial and cultural literacy training through customized learning for both leadership and staff.
  3. Strategy: I2C provides actionable strategies to continue to build and grow inclusive workplaces through committed, intentional, and accountable changes. 

A diversity audit tool not only helps employers take actionable steps toward the necessary work of diversity and inclusion; these tools create a sense of belonging for all employees within your workforce. 

If you’re interested in an EDI Consultation from I2C Immigration, please contact Sunita Gupta, EDI Consultant, at: GuptaS@i2cimmigration.ca. If you’re interested in learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, visit the DEI Resource Page:

DEI in your workplace

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